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solar charge controller

solar comtroller

Backlight LCD Display


1. Large LCD screen

2. Support lighting control and manual control

3. Dual USB 5V 3A output

4. System voltage 12V / 24V automatic identification

5. Intelligent PWM charging mode

6. Battery reverse discharge protection

7. Battery overvoltage protection

8. Battery undervoltage protection

solar regulator


(1) Rated operating current: 20A

(2) Working voltage: 12V / 24V automatic

(3) Floating charge voltage: 14.6V / 28.8V (adjustable)

(4) Undervoltage protection: 10.5V / 21V (adjustable)

(5) Undervoltage recovery: 12.2V / 24.4V (adjustable)

(6) Working temperature: -20 ° C -60 ° C

(7) Storage temperature: -30 ° C -70 ° C, no condensation

Over-temperature protection: ≥65°C, the controller reduces load and discharge; restores 55°C, the controller resumes charging and discharging


==What does this solar charge controller do?

This solar charge controller can automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system. It is easy to set up and operate.For protecting the lifespan of your battery, once the voltage of the battery drop below 8V, the solar controller will turn off automatically (LCD will be unavailable at the same time).It's an very Intelligent unit for solar panel!

==How could i use it?

This Charger controller is for 12V/24V. When installing for the first time, please make sure the battery has sufficient voltage so that the Charger controller can recognize the normal battery type.Install the Charger controller to the battery as close as possible to avoid voltage dropping caused by over long wires and affect normal voltage judgment.

==How do i install it?

Caution:Solar Charger Controller should connect the battery first,and then connect the solar panel,and finally the load!The disassembly sequence is contrary to the wiring order.


  • Please keep it in cool and well ventilated place to maintain good heat dissipation.
  • the regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries:
  • OPEN, AGM, GEL, not for nickel hydride, lithium, ions, or other batteries.
  • Make sure your battery has enough voltage
  • for the controller to recognize the battery before first installation.


Customer Reviews

Average rating:
(5 Reviews)
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  • James Thompson
    December 05, 2018

    Good value

    Unit works as it should, directions could be better but overall happy with the price paid and functionality

  • Robin B.
    November 18, 2018

    Nice Charge Controller for the price !!!

    Very nice charger for the price . Nice to have USB Charging ports for remote use ! I’m using these chargers in my Work Trailers and being able to plug in your cell phone to charge is great !

  • Z8
    September 04, 2017

    Great customizable controller for the $

    For the price I cant complain. But if I were to complain, this unit could use a backlight. It runs off the alternator whenever the car is running, night or day, so a lighted display would be nice. It is not very efficient, a lot of the solar power going in is lost - I have a 50W panel, in full Sun it produces 51 Watts at 18.98V. With a 13.7V/1.6A load in full Sun, this unit can only deliver a 13.7V/1.1A battery charge, or about 37 Watts total output. That is normal for a cheaper controller, as i understand it. Setup doesn't work unless the battery is being charged by the alternator, not a big deal really. I added a 50 cent diode to the solar panel positive input wire, which seemed to help not bleed battery voltage at night. That should be included as standard, what good is charging if you are also un-charging? I love that you can set up the charging volt limit, and the load-on and load-off voltages. This is better than other controllers preconfigured for a discrete solar 12V battery, especially if you want to charge the main car battery with solar. Those controllers run the load as long as possible, discharging the extra solar battery to 10.5V or so, then recharge the extra battery next day. That doesn't work if you want to use the main car battery, and may need to start the car at any time. This controller allows you to charge the main battery, then run the load, then cut the power to the load when the Sun goes away, preserving a fully charged main battery. Turning the load on and off is easy, but like some other cheap controllers, I would like the load to come on again automatically the next cycle.

  • Toby D.
    May 16, 2017

    ... connected 6 panels to it and the controller works great when the charge gets to 14

    The item came right away I connected 6 panels to it and the controller works great when the charge gets to 14.1 it stops charging.

  • Gregory S.
    January 04, 2017

    Four Stars


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